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Count+Stat™ Remote
Referer list, statistics and counter in a snap.
Count+Stat Remote (CSR) helps you add a list of referers to your site, grab interesting statistics for a personal statistics page and display a hit/visit counter all using one or two small snippets of JavaScript code. The code is highly flexible and you are encouraged to read over the following options to customize the system to your needs. Want just a referer list? That's possible, just select that option. Want just a counter? That option is available below too. Want both? Just select both. You will then be provided with the snippets to insert into your page to enjoy CSR's functionality after completing the following setting questionaire.

If you encounter any problems with the code, please post them here.

Information Display Mode
If you do not select one or both of the following options, an inconspicuous small graphical logo will be shown instead of any actual information. This is essentially a silent mode of operation good for those desiring to record information for their own perusal but not broadcast that information to their readers.
Show Referer List
Check this to show the list of recent referers on your blog. If unchecked the information will still be recorded for your perusal on your personalized statistics page, but will not be displayed on your page.
Show Hit/Visit Counter
Check this to show a text based counter of hits and visits. The visit counter is only incremented by the same viewer once per hour, whereas the hit counter is incremented every time your page is loaded. If unchecked the information will still be recorded for your perusal on your personalized statistics page, but will not be displayed on your page.
Other Settings
Keep Domain Together
If you would like each page to have a separate referer list, do not check this. On the other hand, if you would like to keep the statistics together for all of your site, check this option.
Show Non-Referral Hits
If someone hits your page after typing in the URL or clicking a bookmark or some other means other than referral, do you want this to be tabulated with the referral information and put under the title "Non Referred Hits"?
Hide Self Referrals
In cases where you have selected "keep domain together" this will prevent any referrals between pages of your site from showing up as referrals. If you have not selected the "keep domain together" option, this will still prevent the page in question from showing up as a referer to itself.
Show as HTML List
If checked, this option will format the referer list with HTML unordered list tags (<UL>) providing a nicely formated list. If space is tight leave this option unchecked to receive just one referer entry per line without the indentation and bullet points that come as part of an unordered list.
Show How Many Days
How many days (other than the present day) referrals should be shown? You can set this to anything from 0 (just show today) to 99 (show 100 days worth of referrals).
Minimum Hits Required
This is the minimum amount of hits a referer must referer to you before it will show up in the listing. Default is 1 (i.e. every referer shows).

Short Legal Agreement: By submitting this form you certify that your site does not contain pornographic, illegal or racist material. You also agree not to modify the code in any way to get the service to do anything other than the provided functionality or that would prevent the small credit link or graphic box from showing up. No warranty implied or expressed is provided with this service. It is provided AS IS.

Click "I Agree" to acknowledge your agreement to the above terms and to receive your code snippet for this tool.
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